AIR protects individuals, families, businesses and classrooms by effectively eliminating airborne and surface level pathogens. Using scientifically tested and proven technology, AIR allows us to be together with total confidence.


How AIR by Atmos-Clear works

At the push of a button, dirty air is pulled into the unit through side vents in the base, and treated with ultra-violet germicidal irradiation using the latest UV-C LED technology.


The UV-C destroys the DNA of microorganisms - viruses, bacteria, molds & fungi, rendering them ‘disrupted’ and unable to reproduce.


The air that exits the unit is not only clean air, but continually cleaning air, as the disrupted DNA latches on and kills airborne and surface viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi to create a sanitized environment. Air by Atmos-Clear is Industry standard ASTM E3135-18  certified to kill 99.999% of ALL viruses, including Coronavirus, in the average room 20ft x 13ft x 8ft in as little as 30 minutes. 

Certified technology

AIR uses proven UV-C technology used by hospitals, laboratories and food handling facilities to safely destroy the DNA of microorganisms - It’s Industry standard ASTM E3135-18 certified to kill 99.999% of ALL viruses, including Coronavirus, SARS, MRSA and influenza; along with bacteria, mold and fungi. 

ASTM E3135-18 certified
RoHs Compliant

Key features



I bought an AIR by Atmos-Clear to go on my desk. Coronavirus cases rose significantly in the two weeks before the Christmas holidays, and I was the only member of my department not to catch the virus. Although careful to socially distance and wash my hands, I was thankful for the extra protection that AIR gave me. I would wholeheartedly recommend the use of this device in all classrooms

Tracey Rae

Inner city Coventry School​



The health and safety of our staff, teachers and children is our top priority. We are delighted to be partnering Atmos-Clear and its ‘confidence boosting’ AIR Midi


Jo Storey

Principal at Quinton House​

AIR by Atmos-Clear from $243.55

Work, live and be together with total confidence

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Kills Coronavirus
Protects Vulnerable People
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Highest Protection


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  • Ideal for homes, offices, schools, shops, care facilities, hotels and more
  • ASTM E3135-18 certified to kill 99.999% of ALL viruses – for example Coronavirus, SARS, MRSA and influenza; along with bacteria, mould and fungi
  • Continuously sanitizes everything in the room, including exposed surfaces
  • Portable, simple to set-up, near-silent, safe, and affordable
  • You can have AIR on when you’re in the room. There is no exposure to UV-C
  • 5 years of continuous use
  • 1 year warranty
Cleaning Excellence Awards

AIR Midi

Designed for operation in high traffic areas in the home, as well as offices, shops, schools, hotels and care facilities.​

Cleaning Excellence Awards

AIR Mini

Ideal for smaller rooms and private living areas with less traffic flow.​

Payment Strip
100% Recyclable

UV-C versus the rest


Unlike ULPA and HEPA air filters that are ineffective to airborne pathogens under 300nm (0.3  microns ), AIR uses safe UV-C LED technology that is proven to kill SARS-CoV-2 in liquids, on surfaces and in the air to a 99.999% efficacy (Liquid efficacy is 99.97%).​


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For business, wholesale and lease hire enquiries,

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AIR by Atmos-Clear from $243.55

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Cleaning Excellence Awards

“You can take AIR anywhere, so you’ll have more freedom to step outside your bubble”

A little bit more about us

Established in 2018 Atmos-Clear is a privately owned company providing ‘cleaner air’ solutions. In direct response to government initiatives to tackle the Coronavirus crisis, Atmos-Clear embarked on a 12-month development program – combining proven UVC, LED technology, and over 100 years of engineering experience to create AIR - a safe, compact, portable and affordable product for the home, school and workplace.
In January 2021, Atmos-Clear received worldwide ASTM E3135-18 certification confirming that the AIR product kills 99.999% of ALL viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi.

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